Wish You Were There

Hey everyone!  I had a great time at Inner Voices: An Afternoon of Poetry at the PL on 125th street Saturday.  What a showing.  For the short notice, the weather and all of the fabulous events that went on Saturday (the Puerto Rican festival in harlem, that huge Bar-B-Q also in the city and the Pride event in Brooklyn) I was shocked to see so many people waft in.  The sun didn’t come out but the fresh faces of poetry sure came out to shine.

I was there at the invite of Nicole Goodwin (founder of Sacred Pages Productions) who put it all together.  It was only my second time performing my poetry in front of a live audience in 10 years.  I was holding it down until Nicole called my name to get up there.  At the thought of all the talent that preceded my nerves unraveled.  I think I was visibly shaking.  My fellow poets cheered me on so I went on.  I performed  my poems The Devil Is A Liar, Give Me Yours and I Said Goodbye.  Judging by the rousing round of applaus I think I did O.K. (I hope I did.)  I’m sorry I don’t have any pic’s for you to see.

Overall it was everything you would expect from a gathering of true artists performing thier work.  There was a full spectrum of poetry that ranged from sweet sugary words that left a smile to an enlightened stream of consciousness that held a deep and heavy message.  One gentleman got up and hit us all with something so cerebral that it seemed to enter your ear canal, circle around to the back of your head and burrow it’s way into your brainstem.  He rattled it off with such a flow one sister had her eyes closed and she was rocking back and forth with the rhythm.  She got high (on the words).  I thought she was going to fall off of her chair.  Personally speaking, it made me hot!  The whole event (if I were to describe it in one word) was sexy.  Maybe it was the fact that I felt naked without my entourage or that it was all poets there sharing the wealth with one another.  Wow!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

I have to say that everybody there did thier thing including the librarian.  She got me to get a new library card and we all signed letters to help keep the libraries open.  Mad, crazy twisted, mangled and bent kudos to her for having the foresight to host and event such as that at that branch.

One thing Nicole, next time give me a little more advance notice so that I can have at least one of my folks accompany me.  Someone has to take the photos for my blog!

 Much love everyone.


~ by mspetrahenville on June 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Wish You Were There”

  1. I must have just missed you at the library saturday. Really wanted to hear your poetry.
    Let me know about the next event, you involved in.

  2. Thank you MsPetrahenville for always sharing your impeccable artistry with me. I am looking forward to the day when I can see you perform your work…keep me post with advanced notice please so I can sure to be in attendance.

  3. I sure will. I look forward to one day seeing your face in the crowd. Take care.

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